Let’s help Kevin!

Rebecca and Tim knew they were going to walk across the US, and knew it was a good way to raise awareness of many things, but when people asked (and believe me, everyone asked) what they were going to raise money for, they were at a loss. They wanted to choose something that meant something to the people they love. They wanted to find something personal that would motivate them and everyone they know.

Rebecca heard about Kevin (her cousin’s cousin) sustaining a spinal cord injury and her heart went out to his family. She followed the family emails closely, empathizing with Kevin as he dealt with this setback. All three of them are about the same age; Rebecca and Tim could only imagine what it would be like to have your life change, and almost seem to stop, so suddenly while doing something you love. By January she and Tim had realized that they had their cause right in front of them. Kevin needs support, so let’s help Kevin!

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