The Walkers Take Manhattan (and Brooklyn) – Sep 9, 10 & 11

Exactly five months after our starting day, we crossed the George Washington Bridge into New York City.


The gateway to New York City

The views of the city were amazing and made us really feel like we were almost done.


It almost looks like the Jurassic Park island in front of NYC

We took one peak over our shoulders to say goodbye to the life we’ve been living for five months and then powered on.


Goodbye New Jersey

We stopped for brunch at an iconic restaurant. We watched enough Seinfeld on the few stays in motels we had to feel like we needed to stop at Tom’s Restaurant.


Seinfeld inspired us

And of course we walked through Central Park.


Are we still in a city?

And saw the many sights of the park.


Even though we felt like we were back in the forest for a minute, the buildings around us reminded us we were almost there.


The city above the park

Walking through Manhattan gave us the chance to see all of the important spots.


Made it to the middle


We made it!

And we crossed the Brooklyn Bridge. We had to cross into Brooklyn to make it to Coney Island.


Almost to Brooklyn

And we took many moments to enjoy the city from the bridge.


Midtown from the Brooklyn Bridge. This city provides some great views

Making sure to look like absolute tourists, we took pictures across the whole bridge.


The sun almost looks like it's setting

And we could see one of the attractions we hadn’t had a chance to see yet.


There she is!

Walking across the bridge felt so surreal. We spent over a year discussing the trip, and almost six months to do the walk, and here we are, at the end.


We've been talking about arriving for so long, it's weird we're already here

A few people stopped to ask us what the sign was about. Even New Yorkers are curious sometimes.


Did you walk the whole way? Yes, yes we did (kinda)

And we made it to Park Slope, where we’d settle for a few days before some of Rebecca’s family flies into town to see us touch the ocean.


We waited by the park for Tim's friend Ryann, it was our (hopefully) last homeless moment

Thursday morning we walked 6 of the last 7 miles to Coney Island. We want to give Rebecca’s mom, aunt Diane, and cousin Rose a few steps to feel like they participated in the walk.


One mile from Coney Island

After our (short) walk, we went to a thrift store to buy some regular people clothes. We also did laundry. We’re starting to get back into the flow of real life.


Finally back in jeans!

On Saturday we will walk to the Atlantic Ocean at Coney Island close to noon eastern time. We will be live tweeting and instagraming on that day so everyone can know when we’re officially finished in real time. You can find our Twitter and Instagram user names on our “contact us” page, but just in case:

Today(s) we walked through:
Fort Lee, New Jersey
New York City
(Washington Heights,
Hamilton Heights,
Morningside Heights,
Upper West Side,
Central Park,
Garment Center,
Little Italy,
Downtown Brooklyn,
Boerum Hill,
Park Slope,
Greenwood Heights,
Windsor Terrace,
Borough Park,

Tim: 44,432; 29,140; and N/A steps
Rebecca: 49,048; 32,395; and N/A steps

2995 miles finished

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3 Responses to The Walkers Take Manhattan (and Brooklyn) – Sep 9, 10 & 11

  1. Larry and Susie says:

    Congratulations and thank you so much from the Schallert Family
    Larry, Susie,Eric,Janae and most especially Kevin. It’s impossible to express how inspiring and unbelievably grateful we are for your efforts. What an accomplishment and endeavor!!
    Thanks again and congratulations!


  2. Carol Feller says:

    Yeah, you did it. So glad to have talked to you last Sunday in Warren County, N.J.


  3. Janet Schallert says:

    Wow! Congrats. What a journey you did in honor of my nephew. Thank you so much.


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