RAGBRAI 2015.5 – July 5, 6, 7 & 8

We woke up in Atlantic and headed out. Tim’s feet were hurting pretty badly and he realized he didn’t buy the wide shoes that he had been wearing previously so he was getting blisters on his toes and his heels. We planned to camp in the park in Adair where they allow camping for only $6. Rebecca was becoming enthralled with the hills of Iowa as her legs got used to pushing her up. She paused in Wiota to see the town, but there wasn’t a lot to see so she headed into Anita.


A whale of a town?

As she paused in town she parked her bike by a building and walked down main street, only getting a few odd looks. After texting Tim about the mud races happening and the parks in town she headed off to Adair to find the perfect campsite. Tim limped his way into Anita in time to see the mud races still happening. He took a break in the park where he found water to refill his pack. His feet were hurting and the day was getting hot, but Rebecca had said there was a nice park with showers so he had something to look forward to. The trucks in the mud race growled as he headed out of town toward the final destination of the day.


Trucks racing in the mud

A histrionic marker greeted him outside of town so he used the excuse to stop and take a short break. Apparently the Jesse James train robbery happened just outside of Adair, IA.


Jesse James was here

Tim got a text to take a picture of the water tower on his way into town, so he did. Then he was greeted with an invitation to the only opened restaurant in town that Rebecca could find, Subway.


Adair is a happy town

We snacked on sandwiches, took showers, and goofed off on the playset in the park.


Modeling on the dinosaur swing

We woke up to a lot of rain at 6am so Tim snoozed until 630 and hopped out of bed to make the long trek to Redfield, where we had a bed and shower arranged for the night. Rebecca slept in until 730, checked the weather, and left. As she biked by Tim on the way out of town, she reminded him a big storm was coming, and he should be ready in the afternoon for lots of rain. It would be a long, wet day for him. Rebecca felt the first few rain drops as she passed through Casey and put her rain jacket on over her bag to protect everything inside.


More rolling hills

Tim felt the rain drops and tucked the camera away for safe keeping. Hoping to avoid the worst of the storm, Rebecca biked as quickly as possible, laughing at the funny town sign slogans, and taking a short break in Stuart outside of the library to dry off when the rain stopped, and in Dexter to walk down main street to see what the town had to offer. In Dexter a woman stopped to offer Rebecca a ride somewhere because the storm was coming, but she turned it down, knowing she could make the last 7 miles into Redfield quickly.


Who comes up with these slogans?

She biked as the rain started to pick up again, and made it to the ice cream shop in town just in time for the heavy downpour. She munched on a burger and drank an amazing milk shake while she waited for the storm to calm down a bit. She only ordered a vanilla milkshake, but sitting there she regretted not ordering one of the many crazy flavor options they had on the board. It’s definitely a place worth checking out again. Iowa was quickly becoming Rebecca’s favorite state to bike through. She texted our host for the night when the rain took a quick break and headed up to her house. Once there, Rebecca hung the tent in the patio, and settled in to update the blog a little more. When the rain started to get really heavy our host, Louise, offered to drive out and pick Tim up. He was in Stuart at the time, and he quickly agreed to that idea. His feet were getting really painful and everything was wet from rain all day. Louise picked Tim up and we all took a historic tour of the area, stopping by the plaque on the bank where Bonnie and Clyde committed one of their first big robberies, and the corn field where Truman visited to make a speech during the plow competition.


Tim layed all of his stuff out to dry while he waited

That night Louise cooked an incredible meal and we shared stories until almost 10pm about all the biking and walking adventures we’d been on. Rebecca and Tim both commented that night that she had a life Rebecca would really enjoy. The next morning she made migas for breakfast and invited her cousin, Ed, over to meet us. Tim and Ed discussed the route and all types of adventures while Rebecca and Louise did the same, sometimes all four of us joined into the discussion together. We left at almost 11am, full and happy, with a short day into Clive and one of Tim’s friend’s places ahead.


Packed and ready for the day

The whole day was going to be along a bike trail that paralleled the highway, so it would be a low stress day. The path was gorgeous and shaded, but didn’t have many benches to sit on.


Rebecca biked ahead to a coffee shop to write a blog post and Tim aimed to be at a bar at 5 where we’d meet his friend Eric and Eric’s wife, Megan. The few towns along the way were accessible enough for Tim to pop into the gas station to pee, but hidden well enough to keep the path easy to use.


There was a brick factory along the way

Rebecca had to sing to herself to warn the deer that she was close by, and got caught singing by a few men at the brick yard. Tim enjoyed the quiet path and planned the rest of the evening with Eric via text.


Oooh bacon! Follow that sign!

We met at the bar, and headed back to Eric and Megan’s house to eat. He grilled up some corn and bacon wrapped steak for us, and we caught up on everything we’d missed (including their wedding the year before). The next morning we walked into Des Moines where Tim bought new shoes to replace his too tight ones. The area has so many trails we were able to avoid roadways most of the time.


She's walking! For now

Tim borrowed a pair of shoes from Eric so his feet wouldn’t hurt so badly.


Walking on borrowed shoes

We took a bus over the complicated part of town, saw the first Chicago sign on the highway, and met Eric downtown at a coffee shop.


We didn't actually ride on the bike share

When Eric got off work we walked to the brewery in town and met Megan for dinner there. The food was excellent, as was the beer, and we got in the car back to their place for one more night of rest before walking again in the morning.


This brewery knows where we're going

Today(s) we walked through:
Des Moines

Tim: 50,901; 42,638; 40,615; and 26,244 steps
Rebecca: 23, 31, and 21 miles and 26,673 steps

1971 miles finished

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