Luxury Walking – June 27 & 28

We woke up and wandered into town. After reading the night before that there was a Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings we hoped to get some fresh fruit and maybe a few veggies for breakfast. Unfortunately, it seemed that it was cancelled for the weekend of the fest, so we left empty handed. But it was a short day of walking because Diane and Sydney were coming in to join us. Rebecca planned to bike to York to meet them then eat lunch and hop in their car to get Tim so he could shower and we could enjoy an afternoon of relaxation. Rebecca headed out with excitement and paused to find shady places for Tim to sit. There weren’t any significant towns between Aurora and York so she scoped out trees near the side of the road and on small side roads. Rebecca made it to a Starbucks near the interstate, texted Sydney her location, and sat down to blog, leaving her bike parked near the window so she could leave her bags on it while she wrote. Only a few minutes after sitting down she was surprised by a woman reaching over to interrupt her, Diane and Sydney showed up to head off to lunch! The three girls packed the bike into the trunk, and headed into town for Mexican food (surprisingly good) and margaritas (not Diane, she was driving). After filling up as much as we could we checked into the hotel and headed out to pick up Tim. Rebecca and Sydney stayed behind to walk a few more miles while Tim and Diane went back to the hotel so he could shower and relax and figure out what to do for the evening.


Diane dropped Tim off and drove out to bring Rebecca and Sydney back to the hotel where we all cleaned up. That night we went out for a steak dinner at the Chances ‘R’ Restaurant and watched Inside Out, fully taking advantage of our opportunity for luxury. We enjoyed laughing during the previews, crying during the sad parts of the movie, and eating candy that we snuck in as quietly as possible. We went back to the hotel, all of us exhausted from walking and lack of sleep, and crashed easily into the comfortable beds.
We woke up the next morning to eat the continental breakfast, take pictures with the York sign, and start walking. Diane was able to stay behind and do some work while Tim, Rebecca, and Sydney walked from York.


Well rested and not carrying much gear, the walk felt easy and comfortable. We stopped to take fun pictures wherever we could.


We attached a sign that Rebecca and Sydney’s mom made for the trip to Rebecca’s bag so we could start advertising our adventure, and each carried water, sunscreen, and snacks for the day. We made it to Waco and headed for the park to refill water bottles and take a short break. The break got long as we played on the park playset and met some locals.



On our way out of Waco the locals we’d met in the park came out to give us some candy that was left behind from the heritage festival they’d had the day before. We all excitedly snacked on Tootsie Rolls before we realized what time it was and that Diane was probably looking for us. We checked Rebecca’s phone, realized we’d missed a call, and quickly called Diane back to get our lunch pick-up. Diane drove us into Seward where we ate at a cute cafe and relaxed for over an hour with Diane while we discussed the rest of the day.


We’d be walking from Seward til about 4 and then driving into Lincoln (only cheating a bit) to eat and relax again. Luxury walking was going to spoil us for the rest of the trip.


We walked out to find a flag garden with all fifty states. Then headed up the hill toward Lincoln.


We spotted a giant spider on the side of the road and Rebecca scared Tim by convincing him it was on his leg.


We ate Tootsie Rolls while Diane hung out in Seward listening to the waitresses at the cafe discuss their trips to Paris and other exciting worldly places. Sydney snapchatted about her adventure.


Diane drove out to pick us up and walked a mile with us. We finished the day in Lincoln where we went to happy hour, then went to sushi happy hour, and prepared for our night of rest. Sydney and Diane were leaving in the morning to catch an early flight and Tim and Rebecca planned to take a short day (of about 7 miles across town) to a friend’s aunt’s place the next day. We loved having family visit on the trip. Anyone could walk across the country with such amazing help and great times! Thank you Diane and Sydney for joining!


Today(s) we walked through:

Tim: 31,326 & 36,263 steps
Rebecca : 27 miles 37,231 steps
Sydney: 34,155 steps

1760 miles finished

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