Summerfest – June 26

We woke up with visions of Kool-Aid still in our heads and an exciting day ahead of us. We’d make it to Aurora, where there was (supposedly) free camping and what looks like a happening downtown. We slept in a bit because of the late night the night before and woke up to the campground hosts greeting as we packed up. The way out was a nice smooth bike path that dead ended near a Wal-Mart which we stopped at for supplies for the day.


Nebraska has a lot of corn!

Just before a small construction site we met for a break under a tree in front of a business and got looked at a little oddly by a man driving a golf cart from the business to the house nearby, but were otherwise not bothered. Then we headed on our own ways. Rebecca stopped to tell Tim to take pictures of a cool farm building, and he did.


The Death Star in Nebraska??

Rebecca biked over a bridge under construction and was told by the flag man to let all the cars behind her go first, which meant she ended up by herself a little worried that she’d get stuck on the narrow bridge biking against traffic, but the construction team waited for her. Tim got to the bridge and realized it was completely impassable on foot. He discussed the situation with some workers and they led him across the bridge on their narrow, scary, plank-bridge. He was scared the entire way across the bridge, but survived the crossing.


Crossing the bridge under construction

By the time Tim crossed the bridge, Rebecca was setting up the tent in the free, pretty nice, campground. She grabbed all of the valuables (our bag full of electronics) and headed to the coffee shop in town, Esspressions. Sitting outside in the shade of an awning drinking iced coffee, she wrote a few blog posts and regretted biking in because she wasn’t looking forward to biking back over the brick streets that surrounded the courthouse to the campground.

Walking around town a bit after parking her bike, Rebecca saw a sign advertising A’Ror’N Days starting this weekend. Based on the activities in the courthouse park and the sign, she excitedly texted Tim that there was going to be a fest tonight. They had good trucks lining the street and were setting up some kind of stage. Tim wandered through the corn fields slowly making it into town. There weren’t any other towns to stop in so he took breaks where he could find shade and walked with a pep in his step hearing about the fest.


Wind and what!!?

When Tim arrived in town we settled into the campground, and headed toward the fest, which had only a few activities for the evening. The Jeep show was just a bunch of Jeeps owned by people in the town. The High School Auxiliary Board was selling pulled pork sandwiches, $5 for a meal (sandwich, chips, and tea), so we took advantage of that and met a local couple in the park. They had taken in a cross country cyclist once a few years ago when he got stranded in a rain storm and we enjoyed hearing the stories.


They had giant chess and a few other activities

When we realized there wasn’t a whole lot going on at the fest, we decided to go see a movie in their local theater which we’d scoped out earlier. They show one movie per week, and this week was San Andreas. The theater only cost $4 to get in. The popcorn was $2 for a large and only $1 for a box of candy, so of course we bought some! Rebecca loved (and laughed at) the movie, Tim thought it was ok.


Our little theater

After the movie we walked over to the park and they had children from ages 5-17 doing pole vaulting so we stopped to watch before heading to the grocery store for some snacks and back to the tent for the end of the night. As we passed the pool, which had a water slide, some teenagers were having what looked like a party there and we realized we’re too old for late night pool parties. We crawled into our sheets and went to bed, ready to meet with visitors the next day. Rebecca’s sister, Sydney, and aunt, Diane, were flying into Omaha to meet us on the road for a couple days of luxury assisted walking.

Today we walked through:
Grand Island

Tim: 44,045 steps
Rebecca: 21 miles

1714 miles finished

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