The Birthplace of Kool – June 25

We woke up at the County Fairgrounds campground and packed up our tent. We got to sleep in a little knowing we’d only have to walk/bike 21 miles north to Grand Island, surprisingly Nebraska’s fourth largest city (with only 51,000 people!).


Da Bulls

Rebecca walked her bike along with Tim for the first two miles, then rode forward to the first destination: The Birthplace of Kool-Aid. This building was located in the now revitalized downtown of Hastings.


What's your favorite flavor?

There was a special aura about this building. Though Kool-Aid was invented within these walls, it was only produced there for a short time. Tim snapped a few quick photos of Rebecca before booking it out of there as some nearby people remodeling a restaurant stared.


Best. Building. Ever.

After breakfast, we were about to embark on a feat several months in the making; (no, not walking across the country!) visiting the Kool-Aid Museum! Technically the museum is called the Hastings Museum of Natural and Cultural History, but we like to think of it as the Kool-Aid Museum.


Oh - we found it!!

We paid to get into this museum, so we wanted to get the most out of our experience! There was a big connection between Chicago & Kool-Aid. It may have been invented in Hastings, Nebraska, but when it got too large for the small town, it moved to the Windy City!


Chicago style!


Rebecca got a new job

After hours of reliving nostalgia, and after many, many Kool-Aid puns, we had only a short time for the other exhibits:


Snoop Dog


We found a new tent!

We realized we had spent way too much time in the Kool-Aid Museum, and we still had to exit through the gift shop. We stocked up on postcards, magnets, temporary tattoos, and of course, Kool-Aid.


She is Superman's cousin

By the time we left, it was getting late, so we both worried about arriving at the campground at a reasonable time. Rebecca got a flat tire, and had to change it on the side of busy highway; this was a first for the trip. She still made it to the campsite before 6.

When she got there she was short $10, so she had to bike into town to get cash, and bought groceries at the same time. At the campground the primative camping area had so many bugs she had to go back to the campground host (who was already skeptical of her because of her lack of money) and ask if she could camp in the RV area. They reluctantly said yes.


Pictured: A man NOT walking across the country

Tim got to the campground after the gate closed, after a long, hot walk on a busy divided highway. He misses the quiet days on rural roads where a car only passes once every ten minutes or so. He could barely hear his own thoughts today.


We can't attest to their claim

But it was all worth it for the Kool-Aid Museum!



Today we walked through:
Grand Island

Tim: 54,571 steps
Rebecca: 24 miles biked

1693 miles finished

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One Response to The Birthplace of Kool – June 25

  1. Susan says:

    This post was cracking me up! Hope Mike has been able to keep up with you!!


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