Take a left, a sharp left, and another left – June 16 & 17

We woke up to an amazing offer of breakfast from Lisa (which of course we accepted) and headed back to Proctor to start the walk for the day.


Breakfast! Better than a diner for sure!

We would hit our last overnight town in Colorado today, so we were ready for an exciting adventure. As we took off, we agreed to meet in the town of Crook, for lunch. Luckily, Rebecca arrived there just as a strong rain storm started and was able to hide out in the pavilion at the park to wait it out. Unfortunately, this was one of the few parks that didn’t have electricity in the pavilion so she tried to resist the urge to check her phone by reading a book she’d gotten for free. Luckily, the rain kept most of the bugs away, even after the storm passed. Tim joined Rebecca for lunch and we both headed off with full bellies of beef jerky and granola bars.


Only a bit of rain

Tim made new friends on his walk.


It must be eagle, man!

And we both noticed the increase of bugs once the weather cleared.


The bug suit comes back out

The plan was to stay in a park that evening, so Rebecca scoped it out while Tim took breaks under his umbrella, and walked a lot.


The only shade for miles/hours

Close to town, a cyclist passed Rebecca and commented on the dispensary in Sedgwick. Rebecca didn’t totally understand why he was so excited, until she realized he just got into Colorado, we’d seen dispensaries for weeks! Daniel stopped to interview Tim for his documentary of biking across America then continued on his way. His blog is at : danielcdoran.com

Once Tim arrived in Sedgwick, we ate an MRE given to us by Lisa (she fed us many meals). We waited til sundown to assemble the tent, just as the wind picked up and we jumped inside to escape the rain storm that was about to come through. Luckily, the neighbors to the park had seen us, so we knew if a tornado came through we’d have to knock on their doors to get to a safe place. But the tent held against the rainy wind and we woke up safely in the park. We took off and arranged to meet in Julesburg before crossing the border into Nebraska together.


Clear morning in Sedgwick

Rebecca remembered that the Colorado welcome center had been so nice in Dinosaur so she biked the extra 2 miles down to the center outside of Julesburg to wait for Tim with free wifi and hopefully write some blog posts. Once she got into the building she introduced herself to the people at the counter and traded out her book (‘Cruising Attitude’) for a new book in the trading library. While she started to write a post one of the workers in the back office introduced herself and mentioned that she’d called the local newspaper, the Julesburg Advocate. They were sending someone over to interview us about our cross country adventure. So Rebecca met with the reportor, Jennessa, and answered a lot of questions discussing the adventure, the hardships, and the fun of the whole thing. When Tim got into town we stopped by the newspaper office for a picture and went to lunch in the cafe next door. There was a map of the US on the wall where people could stick a pin on their hometown, so we added ours.


Jennessa mailed a copy to our parents!

After eating we headed toward the border to cross into Nebraska together.


Almost to the border!


Rebecca may have beat Tim to the sign a little bit

From there Rebecca headed out to find our camping spot in Big Springs for the night. We planned to set up in the park in town, even though it was right next to the train tracks. Tim continued to walk and stopped under an overpass to get some shade while he ate the snacks he had with him and put on yet another layer of sunscreen. During the hour break, a semi-truck turning off the interstate overshot the exit and got stuck in the ditch. It blocked traffic for about 15 minutes.


Second Lunch?

After some maneuvering the truck was straightened out. The best part of being on foot is the ability to navigate obstacles in the road, such as this, that cars can simply not.


There's lots of hay out here

As Rebecca sat in the shade in Big Springs with her phone plugged in, a woman at the park asked what she was up to. After explaining the trip, she invited us both to join her family for dinner (they were making chili dogs in the park!) and insisted on picking Tim up. Luckily he was only a halfmile out of town, so the trip didn’t take a lot of distance off of the day. Grandma Carol (as she was called in town) also invited two women who were in the park to join. While they declined the food they joined the conversation. They were on a trip to move their horses from Oregon to Florida after the daughter graduated college in Oregon, and were headed to Des Moines the next day. We laughed that we’d be there too! Eventually.


There are wild turkeys in Colorado

We asked the sheriff who’d stopped by the park to check on things, if we were allowed to camp in the park farther into town, and he said the only place we’d be allowed was in the one near the railroad tracks. We set out to get settled and thanked Carol and her family for a wonderful afternoon.


Beautiful Nebraska

Today we walked through:
Big Springs

Tim: 52,693 and 58,154 steps
Rebecca: 64 miles biked

1497 miles finished

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    That’s a pretty sweet umbrella! 🙂


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