Things To Do In Denver When You’re A Ped – June 7, 8, 9 & 10

We stayed up late talking and catching up on everything new in our lives with Rebecca’s high school friends and slept in a bit in the morning. Rebecca made breakfast burritos and we set out to explore the city of Denver. Summer was suddenly in our lives (up til this point the hottest day we’ve experienced was about 80°). We limped around in a little bit of pain, and found a fair happening downtown, so we went in to check it out, drank beer in front of city hall, and bought a hot dog.


Drinking at city hall, it was legal for the day

The next day Rebecca dropped her friend Brian off at work and we wandered around the city in his car, attempted to arrange a bike for Rebecca because her foot was still visibly swollen and hurt often while walking. We resupplied our packs (though we didn’t need food because so many people mailed us stuff to Arvada, thank you Kristine, Jennifer, and Lise!). We organized dinner with Rebecca’s friends Justin and Dan who lived in eastern Denver for the evening where we’d drop off our bags and then walk, pack free, to their house the following day.


Denver is a pretty gorgeous city

We woke up on the 8th ready to walk a short easy day to meet Justin and Dan at home. We grabbed just a day pack and two bags of things we were prepared to mail home (we constantly try to reduce our weight, eventually we’ll be down to just the absolute essentials). We stopped at the first post office we found (it was in a hardware store) and grabbed a sandwich from the grocery store across the street.


Chicago, in a weird mural

Then we stopped for pizza at a Chicago style pizza place about an hour later. We’re always hungry on this trip, and when there are many food options around we can’t resist eating!


Tim's neighborhood in Chicago!

We couldn’t find a Denver sign on the way in, but we did pass Food City, USA.


We decided that if we take one more day off the bike situation might work itself out, and if it didn’t we’d start walking and Brian said he’d drive Rebecca’s bike out to us on the road. We walked 15 miles to Justin and Dan’s house, Rebecca got her eyebrows threaded at the mall, and then we met with Tim’s college friend Geoff (who was in town for business) at a local brewery. When we got back to Justin and Dan’s place an amazing meal had been prepared for us and we happily enjoyed our meal, ready for another day of exploration tomorrow.

In the morning, Dan dropped us off downtown and we walked the 10 miles back to their place during the day. We crossed the pedestrian bridge at the end of the pedestrian mall, took the free shuttle to the other side, and walked down Colfax Ave exploring the changing neighborhoods of Denver.


Bike share!


Public transit!

We were ready for vacation to be over, and we settled in for the evening ready to walk 25 miles the next day.

Today(s) we walked through:

Rebecca: 34,091 steps
Tim: 31,746 steps

1328 miles finished

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1 Response to Things To Do In Denver When You’re A Ped – June 7, 8, 9 & 10

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like a good visit with a lot of familiar surroundings! Maybe a destination for you to live in the future?? We would come visit! 🙂


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