Rivers and Sunshine – May 30 & 31

We woke up to realize that our stealth spot wasn’t so stealth. But it was stealth enough to have made it through the night! We started climbing the Rockies today, slowly winding up the hill, and seeing the oil truckers for the last day. We think we maybe saw Scott! It’s always a little sad to move out of a stretch of road with familiar faces, but we have a destination and walking back and forth on the same stretch of road wouldn’t get us there.


We passed some cool, but scary looking rocks


There were lots of mail boxes

We climbed the mountain and rounded the corner to a long straightaway where we stopped for lunch and excitedly settled in toward our final stop for the day.


We could see for miles!

And the sun started beating down on us as the day got longer.


We could see the mountains in the distance

But we got closer and we kept our spirits up by discussing what we’d do in town. Go out to eat, sleep all day, and of course, catch up on our blog. Not all of these things will happen, but that’s ok. And most excitingly, we were going to cook for ourselves. We had been discussing making a stir fry and eating ice cream for the rest of the day. We decided to buy a lake instead.


You can sell a lake?

We made it all the way to Steamboat Springs (without buying a lake) and there was a celebration waiting!


It was a summer raft party. We walked through everyone enjoying themselves and already felt like we were starting our rest day. But we had a few more miles to make it into town before we were done for the day. We walked through downtown, excited about spending the next day exploring, and along the river to the grocery store where we were meeting Mikal to spend the weekend in her apartment.


We went a little crazy buying snacks and vegetables (it’s so hard to get fresh veggies on the road) and she picked us up and drove us up the hill. That night we feasted on stir fry, relaxed by reading our books and writing in our journals, and ate ice cream. Knowing we wouldn’t have to walk the next day we stayed up until 11pm and ate almost a whole box of Chips Ahoy cookies (this was probably a mistake).


This store was advertised for 100 miles leading into town, we didn't go in

We slept in the next day, made eggs in the morning, and took the free bus into town.


Good advice!


Public transportation!!

After walking along the main street to see what the town had to offer we stopped in at a bike shop to get a replacement valve for Tim’s camelback (it’s been leaking for the past few days).


And they collect license plates too!

Then we went out to a Mexican place which had happy hour on the weekend. Rebecca finally got her margarita that she’d been talking about since the 5th of May.


And we stopped by the grocery store again to grab food for the next few days. We’d be hiking up into the Rockies finally and we wanted to be prepared.


The Steamboat Springs hillside

That evening, Rebecca threw up. But after an hour of moaning on the floor she felt better and we went to bed, ready to do laundry first thing in the morning and head up to Rabbit Ears Pass, the first time we’d cross the Continental Divide!

Today(s) we walked through:
Steamboat Springs

Rebecca: 60,374 steps
Tim: 55,340 steps

1153 miles finished

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