Please Keep Off Tiger – May 29

We woke up early knowing we were only a couple of miles from Craig, so we’d have access to a hot breakfast (at McDonald’s….but they have wifi!) and a chance to resupply our packs for the next few small town days. We made it through our shopping and into McDonald’s before the rain started, so we camped out in there for about two hours while we charged our phones, caught up on news, and wrote a blog post. We’re convinced we’re going to miss out on some major news story, but we’ve been pretty good about staying up to date on things, the internet is an amazing thing!


The previous night's storm!

After talking to a local woman about our trip, and reaffirming that children are not Rebecca’s thing (seriously, McDonald’s play place at 8am is a terrible thing to see) and feeling like we were ready to move-in to the booth we were in, we packed up and moved on. On the way out of town we had fun goofing off with their statues:


Stand really still

Discovered that they’re making a movie about us (kinda):


The Walk, it must be about us, right?

And found our street!


We're walkers!

So we eventually made it past the city limits and back onto the open road. Craig wasn’t so bad to us, but we didn’t spend too much time there. And the sign advertising their motel wasn’t very promising.


Seems like a place I'd stay.....

After a few hours of walking we were ready for a lunch break and a rest area appeared in the future. There are some days when things work out well for us, and covered tables are a great luxury. So we walked the mile to the nicest rest area we’d found on the trip and settled in for a break. Tim took off his shoes and we ate everything that looked tasty in our newly filled bags.


A beautiful rest area

We joined Route 40 for a long straight stretch of road, and were in high spirits discussing the next day’s place in Steamboat Springs and our rest day we planned to take there. Everyone has said good things about that town, and we were ready to relax and enjoy it.


The most patriotic barn

About halfway down the straight away, a man pulled over going our direction and asked if we wanted a ride. When we turned him down he still insisted we take some bright vests to make us more visible from the back because people pass unsafely in this area and he didn’t want us to get hit. We took them and thanked him. We have discussed many times getting reflective gear and we never have. But every bit of extra visibility is good. So we tied them to our packs and made our way toward Hayden.


Tim with his brightened pack

We stopped for dinner at the park in Hayden and realized how late it was so we hurried through, didn’t sit on the tiger, and found a place to hide in some trees about 5 miles out of town.


We tried knocking on a door, but no one answered so we had to find the only spot on Google that looked like we might be able to hide. We ended up climbing a bit of a mountain to a small flat spot that was only mostly hidden and decided to not set up our fly for a bit more stealth abilities. The forecast didn’t call for rain, so we’d be fine. As the sky got darker we knew we were ready for a rest day.

Today we walked through:

Rebecca: 68,076 steps
Tim: 61,332 steps

1127 miles finished

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