Being Chased – May 28

The day started out great, with Rebecca sneaking over to the store to get donuts and iced coffee (a bottled frapuccino) and just enough sunlight to lay our shoes out to dry. We took our time leaving camp, enjoying the electricity and picnic table. A table makes everything easier, packing up and eating aren’t such a production. Once we were packed we stopped at the General Store to buy what we’d need for the rest of the day. We planned to go through Craig tomorrow morning, so we knew we’d be able to resupply there too.


The only store in town

We separated early, feeling comfortable on Highway 40 knowing there were few cars and few turns. We sometimes walk about a quarter mile apart to enjoy the scenery individually. But about a mile out of town Rebecca was chased by two small dogs. To make sure they wouldn’t get hit by a car she crossed the street to their side and walked back toward the owners property until he came out to bring them home.


Feeling ridiculous

The pause allowed Tim to grab a golf ball on the side of the road to send it to Rebecca’s mom (who collects golf balls off the side of the road) and laugh at the predicament. We walked together for a while after that only to see a snake ahead! Luckily, it was far enough off the shoulder that we only had to walk into the road a bit to get around it safely. It was another one of the black and white ones, but we don’t want to risk anything with snakes.



Tim put his headphones in and Rebecca forced him to take them out when she heard some buffalo cows fighting over territory, or doing a mating dance, or something like that.


These cows were huge!

We decided to stop for lunch at the entrance to a property with a locked fence because there were so many ants on the side of the road. But as we settled into our seats a truck drove up to come out and we had to get out of the way. The driver stopped to talk to us, he’d seen us for a few days on the road and discussed some of the things we’d see in the days to come. Craig is not a great town (other people have told us the same thing) and Steamboat Springs is a fun town (we planned to take a rest day there). We handed him our card and he promised no one else would be coming out of the gate any time soon so we moved back into our spot and began to eat.


Our lunch view

Once we packed up and began walking again we separated a bit too enjoy the silence and an oil tanker slowed down in front of Rebecca. She wasn’t really sure what to do, but she figured she could always walk around it if she checked for cars well enough. Luckily, we didn’t have to worry. Scott hopped out of the truck to ask us what we were doing. He’d seen us for a few days and couldn’t contain his curiosity any longer. We explained our journey and handed him a card. He was so excited to meet people crazy enough to do something like this. And he lived in Greenwood, Indiana for a few years, the same town Tim’s sister and brother-in-law live in now! So we separated (with a small gift of support, thanks Scott!) and continued down the road to Craig. About 10 miles out of town a car (with New York plates) pulled over and offered us a ride. It was a young guy who was staying in Steamboat Springs and offered us a place to stay there if we needed one. We had a place lined up but definitely would have taken him up on the offer if we didn’t.


Discussing our lives with the barefoot traveler

As we neared Craig we realized our only option for camping that night would be making it into town, or knocking on a door. So as the rain started falling we chose a house and Rebecca knocked, asking if we could camp in the front yard. Luckily, the woman who answered the door was more than happy to allow us to camp in her large front yard and we chose a spot behind a trailer, far enough away from the street to have some sound protection. The rain started to let up and a gorgeous rainbow formed over the hills in the distance. Our day was complete, and we were safely nestled into our sleeping bags.


Our view from the tent


I just can't get enough of the sky

Today we walked through:

Rebecca: 67,555 steps
Tim: 58,609 steps

1099 miles finished

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2 Responses to Being Chased – May 28

  1. Susan says:

    Shout out to Greenwood, IN! 🙂 Can’t wait to see you guys end of July!


  2. Kristine Loving says:

    Yikes, little dogs and snakes! Not sure which is worse! Sounds like everything is going well, keep up the great work! What an experience for you both.


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