A Day of Rolling Hills – May 27

Waking up to no rain and a very secure hiding spot we didn’t worry about discovery and slept in until the sun was fully risen. We crawled over the hill we’d hidden on and got back on the road with no backtracking!


After we took the fly off

We decided to save water and not brush our teeth until we got to the water spigot. As we got into Elk Springs a water treatment worker was checking the runoff ditches and we nodded hello. He drove off on his atv and we continued being the only pedestrians on the road. Once we spotted the bathroom we picked up a little speed, excited to fully start our day. But as we got closer a van full of people pulled over to use the rest area and we cursed our bad luck. But, it turned out to be our friends from Adrift Adventures headed out to find the rafts we’d seen go by yesterday. We talked to the people headed out to raft the Yampa River and handed our cards to them. One man even gave us money for coffee the next day (assuming we could find a place to buy some!). After our chat they took off on their adventure and we filled up our water packs and brushed our teeth. It was this moment that Rebecca realized the thing she’s been missing on the trip, more than anything else. Don’t take brushing your teeth with running water for granted. It’s a wonderful thing.


Tim, enjoying the beauty of brushing your teeth with running water

After cleaning up and filling up we aimed our feet toward Maybell where we planned to resupply and stealth just beyond town. We knew it was going to be a long day, but it dragged on the whole time. After a rainy night with a little bit of water dripping into the tent, we were ready for a secure sleeping location and some food. But we had a whole day ahead of us, one with lots of oil trucks and hot sun.


There were sheep

We found some shade to eat lunch and Tim discovered his new favorite thing to do: take off his shoes midday for a break.


Eating lunch with his shoes in the background

We took a long rest, making sure to enjoy the shade tree we found with only a few bugs bothering us. And then we took off with renewed excitement for finding the town we were told had showers and legal camping. It was looking more likely that we’d want to camp in Maybell rather than skip over town and stealth outside of it.


And Tim takes the lead today

The hills were impressive, almost as impressive as Nevada, but not quite as high and far between. Over every hill we kept expecting Maybell to appear. We were convinced it was at the 58 mile marker so we counted down, but when we passed 58 with no sign of it, we began to worry we’d miscalculated our distances.


The clouds were impressive

When we finally made it to Maybell we didn’t have time to set up the tent before getting into the only cafe in town. We got into town at 615pm and everything (the cafe and general store) closed at 7pm. So we made the decision to eat a real meal and buy supplies in the morning. The meal at Net’s Cafe may have been the most rewarding meal on the trip. Tim ordered two meals and Rebecca made sure to add a root beer float to her order, both of us relishing the joy of eating a cooked meal inside. So we crossed the street feeling great and chose a campsite away from the highway hoping it would be the quietest spot.


A great park

We both got to shower, and got into bed ready for a nice, restful night.

Today we walked through:
Elk Springs

Rebecca: 63,193 steps
Tim: 56,405 steps

1072 miles finished

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