We’re Under Attack! – May 26

We woke up from our hidden camp behind the abandoned building and packed up quickly. Even though we had been told the place was abandoned for many years we didn’t want to risk being caught! Besides that, the building had a lot of animals in it overnight so both of us woke up a few times not sure if we were hearing things. Tim got a terrible night sleep so we started into the morning light not sure how the day would go.


Not a bad cabin to camp behind!

We knew we were a few miles from the next water refill sight (Kelvin warned us it’s the only one until Mabelle). Elk Springs is 34 miles past Dinosaur so we had to make it the whole day without a water refill and then about 3-4 more miles in the morning. There’s a rest stop with vault toilets and a water spigot, which is all we needed to know.
The sunrise was gorgeous as we approached the next “town”. Blue Mountain is just a small subdivision, but it shows up on maps so we knew to expect it.


The entrance to Blue Mountain

The morning melted into a warm sunny day and the rain jackets quickly came off to be replaced by lighter gear. The country keeps getting more beautiful as the vastness seems to increase with each state.


Endless space

Colorado was looking a lot like eastern Utah, but we’d learned to enjoy it in its own way. Quirky little towns like Massadona sit between empty landscapes. This really is what the wild west is (kinda).


You might think we didn't take a picture of ghee town, that really is the whole town

As we approached Massadona, we wondered if there would be anything to see. Google said it was there, but Kelvin at the visitors’ center hadn’t mentioned it. The Adopt a Highway sign about a mile before we thought we’d get to town said the next two miles were adopted by the Massadona Gang, so we giggled about that and wondered what it meant. But as we rounded the corner we saw that there was a campground/park, a motel that looked like it had been closed for a long time but still had current looking signs in the window and a (also closed) restaurant next door. I’m pretty sure there were a couple of houses, but that was it. The whole population of Massadona must have adopted the two miles of highway that pass through their town. And Rebecca loved it. But, the park was rundown and didn’t have any benches so we kept walking right on through. We set up our towel seats on the hillside just past town, only to be attacked when we finished eating! Well…Rebecca felt like she was attacked, and Tim enjoyed every minute of it taking pictures until he had to save the day and kill the wasp that decided Rebecca’s backpack would be its new home.


Wasp stings hurt!


Just in case you couldn't see the monster on the backpack

A light rain started, but never picked up and we continued on our way to find a spot to hide somewhere before Elk Springs.


Rebecca takes the lead!

We knew to expect a couple of guides from Adrift to drive by today on their way out to the river so when we stopped for dinner we weren’t surprised to see them pass us up.


Driving by with three boats!

The rain started up right after they passed us, so we packed up and headed out for the last two miles of the day (assuming we could find a stealth spot this early in the day and in this rain!) Luckily we found one quickly, on the hillside in a bunch of trees.  Unfortunately, the rain was pounding down on us and we had to set up quickly. We’re not always the most coordinated people, but we made it with only a little rain in the tent. So we hid out, it was only about 730) to dry off before setting up our beds for the night. The rain stopped for a bit that evening and we cursed our desire to set up so early when we could have waited, but we were dry by then….so we accepted our spot as the best we were going to do. We were so well hidden we weren’t worried about cars, we only had to make sure to conserve water so we’d make it to Elk Springs in the morning, a four mile walk.


Hiding from the storm

Today we walked through:
Blue Mountain

Rebecca: 61,284 steps
Tim: 55,910 steps

1048 miles finished

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One Response to We’re Under Attack! – May 26

  1. Jen says:

    Wow! Over a 1000 miles..you guys are amazing!!

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