Walk the Dinosaur – May 25

We woke up and packed up our (now dry) tent to head toward Colorado. After spending an evening socializing the light rain didn’t feel so bad and we had a skip in our step! We made sure to patronize the businesses in town, so we bought hot chocolate and donuts from the gas station to eat in the first couple miles of our day.


Rebecca's way too excited

The clouds melted into sun and the landscape opened up. About 10 miles into the day we found a surprise rest area that probably would have been our campsite if we’d made it the full distance yesterday, but toilets are a rarity so we stopped to eat with a table and took the opportunity to change into our sunny weather clothes. Rain gear, even the most breathable kind, gets really sweaty.


Our first break view!

We headed out and spotted something in our shoulder! It was a group of 5 cyclists biking from Kremmling, CO, we didn’t think to ask them about snow conditions on the pass in our short conversation, but it’s always fun to see some fellow adventurers.


Heading out!

We started counting down the miles to Colorado and turned a corner to see the sign ahead!


It's so close, yet so far!

But we made it to the sign to look back and realize we’d walked through some gorgeous scenery to get here.


Goodbye Utah!

At the sign we laughed about a family who stopped their RV to take a picture of their son at the Utah sign. They had the kid get out and just drove as close as they could to take a picture of him. We walked over 1000 miles to get there and they didn’t even get out of the car….


Walking victoriously to the sign

Colorado was going to be our longest state, over 500 miles! So we mentally prepared for it and took way too many pictures.


The Utah sign was kinda cool too....I guess


Someone left this right on the Colorado side....

After the border we saw so many prairie dogs. We scared them by waking by and saw one cross the road in front of us every 10 seconds or so, no wonder there were a lot of dead ones on the road! We walked into Dinosaur, where we stopped for ice cream at a place that had coffee drinks with funny dinosaur names (chai-ceratops anyone?). The Colorado welcome center in Dinosaur was great. They had free WiFi, free post cards, and a guy with lots of information about the area. He even suggested a campsite for the evening about 6 miles out (thanks Kelvin!)!


There was a great Colorado map on the wall!

Dinosaur is a funny town, they changed the name of the town when dinosaurs were discovered north of town and all of the road names are dinosaur names. The main street in town was Brontosaurus Dr.


Really, every street in town

So we headed out to find the abandoned cabin to camp behind and enjoyed a glorious sunset over the rolling hills of Colorado.


Hello Colorado!

Today we walked through:

Rebecca: 66,234 steps
Tim: 61,087 steps

1023 miles finished

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