Boring to Glorious – May 23

We packed up from the dumpy motel after a pretty decent night’s sleep and no ticks to head out in the rain. We started the morning by crossing the street to the grocery store for, yes, donuts! They had the best selection of donuts Rebecca had ever seen, but because of the rain the camera was packed away and she didn’t take a picture. We huddled under the awning of the grocery store to chug some milk and eat our donuts and avoid the downpour that was happening. But we soldiered on, expecting rain the whole day, and carrying the rest of the gallon of water we filled up with.


Sometimes we just look pitiful...

At the edge of town we drank as much water as we could from the gallon and tossed it in the last garbage can, but the rain continued. Rebecca was starting to doubt the beauty of Utah as we walk through small, depressing towns with sad looking farm land.


This is kinda what the day looked like. Also, we've heard a horror story about bugs around here.

As the rain stopped and the heat picked up we spotted a cafe and decided we needed to stop to change out of our rain gear. And luck would have it that a cyclist made the exact same decision! He has a YouTube channel and interviewed us about our adventure.


He's been living on his bike for 7 months!

We got a recommendation of a good stealth camping spot right outside of Vernal and started out to find it! Soon after we left Fort Duschesne Utah started to turn into the Utah everyone talks about. Red rocks peaked up over the roadside and the breeze whistled through the hillside. So, in the warm but not hot weather we took lots of pictures!


For some reason this place smelled like sewer

As we got closer to Vernal the road was cut out of a rolling hill and each turn looked like a uniquely designed terrarium for us to enjoy (also, they serve as great hiding places for roadside peeing).


We never knew what each spot would look like!


A nice hill to hide behind

We even discussed camping out in the hills, but we were still 6 miles from Vernal and had a few more miles planned for the day. We got closer and stopped for dinner in a scenic view area that was way less scenic than the previous 8 miles, but did have a picnic table.


Our trash from the last couple days doesn't count as local, right?

The wind picked up and we put on our rain gear to protect us from the cold as we started to scope out a hiding place for our tent.


The view was still kinda pretty

We finally settled in to a small hidden spot and set up, knowing rain wasn’t expected for the night was the only thing that gave us reassurance that we wouldn’t be flooded anywhere near Vernal. We never did find the spot our cycling friend told us about.


Hidden from every angle

Today we walked through:
Fort Duschesne

Rebecca: 63,065 steps
Tim: 60,195 steps

976 miles finished

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One Response to Boring to Glorious – May 23

  1. Kristine Loving says:

    Thank you for putting the date at the top, it helps! Received the postcard and glad you got your care package.


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