A Short Day – May 22

As we headed out from our comfortable (and quiet!) campsight behind the little white church, Tim discovered a tick on his neck. We’d been spending a lot of time in the woods and along creeks so a tick wasn’t the most unexpected thing, but it did freak us out a bit. We were already discussing stopping in the next “big” town to do laundry and take a long break, but that settled it. We would stop in Roosevelt to shower and check for ticks.


Our first DENVER sign!!

We checked into a sketchy, sketchy, motel, showered, and packed up all of our clothes for the laundromat. The motel didn’t have wifi (that’s how cheap it was) but the laundromat did! So Rebecca wrote the post from Eureka to Ely, Nevada a second time (WordPress deleted it the first time) and we enjoyed some high def cable tv and internet. We also brought salad with us, so we probably looked crazy, but at least the laundromat didn’t smell bad! Of course, after an hour and a half of uploading pictures and writing the blog post, Rebecca’s post was deleted, so she assigned Tim to write the first half later.


A rainy welcome

We headed back to the motel before eating Subway for dinner and going to the movie theater (yes, we watched a movie!) to see Mad Max 3D. Tim has been dreaming of going to the movie theater, to have a taste of the “normal” life we used to lead.


Teddy would approve!

It was a short day, but a productive one as we were able to clean our clothes and shower and relax some.

Today we walked through:

Rebecca: 36,750 steps
Tim: 34,373 steps

948 miles finished

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3 Responses to A Short Day – May 22

  1. Susan says:

    Nice beard!!!


  2. Kristine Loving says:

    How did Rebecca walk more steps than Tim?


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