Utah, The Land of Roadkill – May 20 & 21

We woke up late, sanctioned camping is amazing, and packed up to start the day. We knew we were right outside of Fruitland, which was a tiny “town” that barely showed up on the map, but according to Google there was a general store which we hoped had donuts (we eat a lot of donuts, but mostly powdered hostess ones…) so we started the day with pep in our step. The general store was only 6 miles away according to Google and we knew we could make that. Rebecca was starving from not eating the night before, but the thought of donuts was enough to keep her going on just a granola bar.


Tim thought it looked like the Grand Canyon

We made it about 4 miles before spotting a gas station/cafe called The Big G. They had shirts that said “I found the G spot”. It seemed like the perfect place to stop for breakfast. The food was incredible too, and very affordable. We bought some snacks (and, yes, donuts for the next day) and headed out. There was never a general store where Google said there was, so we were lucky we stopped. Our goal was the Camper World campground by Starvation Reservoir and we had some distance to cover. The scenery was much like other days, open, flat, and pretty barren. Rebecca was starting to think that Utah might be the most boring state. We pushed on, knowing we have a place for the night helps us continue quickly.


Calm before the storm

We saw a storm rolling in right as we saw a sign for a rest area 1 mile up. So we decided to take a break there to avoid the rain. We rushed into the rest area and used the bathrooms as we evaluated the storm. Rebecca had enough signal to see that it was a storm that should roll through fairly quickly, but the rain still looked rough, so we waited.


Freak out before the storm

The attendant for the rest area started talking to us and had some of the most depressing stories we’ve heard the whole trip. When we finally got out of the conversation (an hour later) the rain had come and gone, and so had our sunny dispositions. So we complained about her and her stories for the next few miles as we walked (in a way this helped make us feel better, but not really).


We also talked about the pretty rocks

As we crested the hill a ways out we spotted a cyclist so we stopped to chat. While we were stopped a car turned around to make sure we were all ok. The cyclist was Warren, who lives in the UK and is biking to raise awareness for autism. https://m.facebook.com/JFKTOLAX Meeting cyclists always makes us realize how much slower it is to walk.



We're so social

We made it to Starvation Reservoir after a few stressful nearly blind corners and stopped in at the Camper World campground. We’ve decided we’ll never pay more than $25 to camp, because that seems ridiculous, so when they told us it was $29 for a tent to set up we turned them down and walked down the road a bit to hide in the bushes. Luckily there were some good stealth bushes right around the corner, so we tucked ourselves into the corner and ate dinner before setting up for the evening. When we stealth we like to set up as the sun sets so we aren’t as visible, though we were far enough back that no one would have seen us, probably.


The reservoir from afar


Tim's most stressful bridge crossing yet

Free camping is sometimes more rewarding than paying anyway. Stealthing is probably one of the more stressful parts of the trip, we both disagree about what is hidden enough and knowing we might get kicked out in the middle of the night is a little scary, but we’ve been successful every time so far!


.... nowhere near Wisconsin

The next morning we headed out knowing Duchesne wasn’t too far and we’d be able to resupply at their grocery store or Family Dollar (there seems to be a Family Dollar in every town of reasonable size in Utah). We made it into town, to the Family Dollar, and then to the park where we charged up our cell phones and discussed the rest of the day. The map showed a small town called Myton about 25 miles from where we camped and if that was an actual town we decided to try to stay there. About 9 miles past Duchesne, Rebecca called the Duchesne County Sheriff to see if it was legal to camp in the park in Myton, they connected her to the National Parks District there, who connected her to City Hall. The woman who answered at City Hall called the mayor and then called back to say it was ok with them if we camped in the park. So we were all set for the night. About an hour later a pizza delivery car drove by and honked to say hello, we jokingly said they should have brought us pizza!


There were some astonishing views today

The roads in Utah have the most roadkill we have ever seen. So many deer and rabbits on the side of the road, and when you’re walking that roadkill smell lasts a lot longer than a couple of seconds. We saw multiple signs that warned of frequent deer crossings for 37 or 27 miles, and every time we see one of those signs we know to expect lots of deer on the side of the road.


Censored roadkill

A few more semis honked and waved excitedly while they passed us. We heard to expect lots of trucks at least til Dinosaur, CO, but we hoped they’d drop off some by Roosevelt, which we’d pass through the next day.


Nice scenery


A perfect lunch spot with a great view!

We made it into Myton and walked down Main St to find the park we’d be camping in tonight as well as a pizza place (basically the only business in town) where we decided we should eat dinner. As we got to the pizza place we instantly recognized the car that had honked at us and not delivered pizza to us so we took a picture with it before heading in to eat pizza, garlic bread, and ice cream.


Our little pizza place!

We are never full enough on this walk, so we can always eat more. The owner of the pizza place suggested we sleep behind the little white church around the corner instead of the park, so we wandered out to find the church and set up behind it. Tim, who had just gotten new sunglasses, left his glasses behind but one of the guys from the pizza place ran them over to us before we got the tent set up.


A quiet and serene campsite

Today(s) we walked through:

Rebecca: 61,282 and 60,982 steps
Tim: 56,085 and 54,939 steps

933 miles finished

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  1. Utah is so boring the boring picture appeared twice. Justifying the boringness.


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