The Lonesome Crowded West

After two days crossing the Salt Flats, Tim had only 60 more miles to Salt Lake City. He knew the lonely, desolate part was over, and that he would hit a few towns today, and the capital city tomorrow.

Things started a little hectic when right after Rebecca dropped Tim off, about a quarter mile in he noticed a sign he did not want to see:


Thanks, Google!

As we’ve mentioned before, Google is great, but it is not always right. In this case it said this part of the frontage road was open to pedestrians, when in real life it was a private road, with a very noticeable NO TRESPASSING sign. Tim doesn’t trespass. Luckily, Rebecca was still watching him from the car, so as she was turning around to leave, Tim flagged her down. The backup plan was to drop him off at the next access point, the next exit seven miles down the interstate.


Ped man walking

Tim knew the first half of the day, the third alone, would be virtually empty. He was right, as he passed no pedestrians, cyclists, or motorists in the first ten miles. But the views were amazing.




I agreed to WALK across the country, not CLIMB


To infinity and beyond

As Tim reached the peak, the views were even better. He could see far into the Salt Flats he had walked through the previous two days, and he could almost see Salt Lake City rising to the east.


A first! A cow in the middle of the road!!

As he descended the mountain, there were free range cattle and the worst mosquitoes so far on the walk. It was also incredibly windy yet again, for the third straight day. Finally, Tim entered a new town on foot, for the first time since McGill, Nevada nearly a week before! Upon entering town, a car pulled over and rolled down the window. It was Rebecca! The two met at a little hole-in-the-wall burger joint/gas station for some good old shakes and fries. And it was delicious.


Napkins optional

Tim pushed on after lunch, through the rest of town, and onto the next town over. The two agreed to meet at the grocery store, where they would eat dinner, and stop for breakfast when Rebecca dropped him off the next morning for his last day alone (food is probably the biggest motivation on The Walk).


Somebody hates Mondays

Solo walking is more quiet, and peaceful… unless you walk five feet from an airport as planes are landing.


Can you hear me now?

Day four, the final day that Tim walked alone involved lots of accidental trespassing. When I say accidental, I mean he entered through a legal way, but when he kept walking the signs behind him kept saying “No Trespassing”.


Not what I had in mind when picturing walking across the country!

Again, Tim does not condone trespassing, only when he does so unknowingly. Then it’s ok. If you don’t get caught.


Well it's not trespassing if I'm exiting!


But it's the only way out!!


My bad

After the whole accidental trespassing saga (those were the only signs, I promise!), Tim continued through an industrial area of Utah, passing an infamous smoke stack, known as the tallest man-made structure west of the Mississippi River! If this was Chicago it would be the third tallest building in the city! Nearly as tall as the Sears Tower. Very tall, is what I’m getting at.


So tall. Those are mountains, not mole hills!

After Tim passed some road construction, there were very tight shoulders. The traffic was very high, and it was the most challenging walking since the epic third day, way back in California. He had to walk on large rocks, hop over some Jersey barriers, and walk in a few (dry) road side ditches. There was one nice bridge though:


Not a bridge you can walk on, just for pipes

Tim then met Rebecca at the Magna Public Library, so she could drive him to lunch. Having a hot lunch is the best upside to walking “supported”, with the aid of others. While at the library, Rebecca looked through the books they were selling, each for 50 cents. At the checkout, we realized we only had one twenty dollar bill. The librarian said, “Just pay it next time”. We said sure (jokes on her, we’re never coming back, ever!).

After lunch Tim was back in the suburbs, and ready for a rest day.


If you were a horse, you'd be home by now

Rebecca parked the rental car at the mall, and met Tim about a mile away. We made it to the car right as a torrential downpour happened, and gladly/sadly ate Little Caesars’ deep dish in the car in the parking lot with the lights off. Good end to a long day.


Welcome back

Today(s) Tim walked through:
Stansbury Park
Lake Point
West Valley City

Rebecca: N/A steps
Tim: 53,769 steps and 64,807 steps

785 miles finished

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