Thunder Snow!

We woke up at Lages Station to the sound of rain. Rebecca was able to get enough signal on her phone to check the weather report, and it looked like today was going to be a rainy day, all day. So we packed up as much as we could in the tent and ran across the grass to the dry picnic tables to finish up. Luckily, the rain stopped just in time for us to pack up our tent (I told you we’ve been lucky with weather) an
d then started again as we crammed the last of our things into bags in our strollers and pulled out the donuts we planned to eat for breakfast. It was cold and we didn’t want to leave so when a guy trying to ride his motorcycle all the way to Phoenix pulled up and hid under the roof with us, we decided it was ok to chat a little.

After he left we hid in the laundry room and ate our donuts and granola bars. The rain started up again once we grabbed our strollers so we headed out to US 93-Alt, the next road for the day. While we were walking a nice couple with a third person in the back stopped to offer us a ride, but the rain wasn’t strong enough for us to give up yet so we powered on. It started hailing on us as we stopped to eat a snack in a pullout but we knew the weather changed quickly in Nevada, so we ignored it.


There's just a little hail

We climbed the hill in front of us only for the rain to let up and the sun to start coming out. It was turning out to be a pretty good day. A couple driving a sedan stopped, thinking we had babies with us, but the sun was out and we couldn’t be in a better mood. A truck pulling an suv stopped to tell us the hail was pretty bad ahead, but we were convinced it was the storm we already walked through, so it would be gone by the time we got there. But we were wrong. The hail picked up and we kept powering through it thinking that we’d be out of it soon. But our feet were wet and the lightning was starting and we knew we’d have to get out quickly.


It got a lot worse than this

We tried to hitch a ride but no one wanted to stop on the icy road, and every time a semi drove past us we were pelted with half frozen slush from the road. Rebecca was convinced she was going to die out there, and Tim was starting to get worried too after huge bolts of lightning were too close for comfort. Then a car going the opposite direction stopped and told us the snow only lasted for another mile or so. We still weren’t happy, but at least we knew we could survive.


Thunder Snow!


Not pictured: wet shoes

However, a half mile after that car drove away, a man in a truck pulled over to give us a ride, and another car going the opposite direction stopped to help load the strollers. We were safe! We keep saying we don’t want to hitch rides, but certain circumstances call for the protection of a vehicle. The man driving gave us a ride all the way into Wendover, where we’d cross the border into Utah and meet with Rebecca’s friend Bekah the next day. He gave us a quick tour of the town and dropped us off at a Starbucks so we could research the cheapest hotel in town.


We're super awkward

Rebecca’s foot wasn’t doing well, what she thinks was a stress fracture was causing lots of pain, so we planned to get a ride from her friend Bekah into Salt Lake City and rent a car there so she could help Tim across the Bonneville Salt Flats. 
We checked into the Motel 6, stripped off the wettest socks either of us have ever had and took long, hot, showers. We walked to the Mexican place suggested by our saviour in a truck and ate a huge meal. However, we didn’t wear our rain pants, which was a mistake. The rain was back and we got wet and cold on our way to the restaurant and back to the motel. Remember, always wear rain pants if you question it! 

The next morning, we pushed our strollers to the pawn shop around the corner to sell them.  We were so happy to be done with the strollers, except now we had to figure out how to carry everything in our packs again. Then we walked to Wendover Will and took some more pictures, and checked into a casino hotel to wait for Bekah and Heather who would join us for a night out in town then take us to Salt Lake City on Sunday, Mother’s Day.


West Wendover, in Nevada is the exciting part of Wendover

We left our packs on the floor in the room and walked twelve miles roundtrip into the Salt Flats, just so we’d get a couple miles in.


Rebecca in the flats


Tim by the sign

Then we walked back, unable to find a good Utah sign, we crossed into Nevada again to relax while we waited for Bekah and Heather.


This is the best we could do

We went out with the two of them, left the next morning headed for brunch and eventually Mother’s Day celebrating with Bekah’s family. Rebecca spent a lot of time with her family in high school so it would be a fun reunion of sorts. We ate way too much food and generally enjoyed puns being thrown around the table while we ate. Afterward we did laundry and reserved a car for the next day.

Today(s) we walked through:
West Wendover

Rebecca: 43,597 steps and 46,036 steps
Tim: 40,652 steps and 42,019 steps

681 miles finished

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2 Responses to Thunder Snow!

  1. Anonymous says:

    you are doing great, keep it up. Can’t wait to see you


  2. Al Bishop says:

    Smart move in bailing out for the day, important to stay safe. Enjoying your blog and following your journey. Have fun and keep on walking


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