It hasn’t been a cake walk

Rebecca and Tim have been doing a great job of keeping their spirits up, but they also have been dealing with some difficult parts of the walk.

TapedLegshavedLegShin Splints

They both learned how bad shin splints can be while walking through Nevada. Their right legs hurt when they walked downhill and they could feel the telltale signs of shin splints. Luckily, they knew what to do, they taped up their legs, resorting to borrowed duct tape when they ran out of athletic tape. Tim even shaved his leg to help the tape stick better.


They have walked, slept, and peed in the rain. Everyone has been stuck in a rainstorm, but few people have been stuck in a rain storm with backpacks while walking 25-30 miles a day. If you have ever slept in a tent in the rain you know you never really dry off completely. Their wet shoes have increased the blister formation on their feet, and they have had to walk in the mud off of the road to avoid cars driving by. So far the sun has always come back, but sometimes it has taken a couple days. They brought the right gear to keep themselves as dry as possible, so they haven’t suffered too much, but they are definitely starting to feel the strain of the bad weather.


Rebecca’s foot started to get irritated and swelled up for a few days.   According to WebMD, she was either going to die in the next 24 hours or she had a minor stress fracture in her foot and should rest for a few days. To help it heal, she took a couple days off while Tim kept walking. She was only able to do this thanks to a good friend (Thanks Bekah!) who picked her up when she was a few days ahead of her house and brought her into the city. Now Rebecca’s foot is doing better, but is still a bit sore.  Now that they have ditched their strollers she thinks maybe that contributed to her injury by changing her walking pattern enough to put more stress on her foot.

OldShoesSwitching Gear

700 miles has caused two pairs of shoes to be worn out completely (one for each of the walking crew). They had to buy new shoes along the way, as they expected and were happy to slip out of the old ones and into new shoes. Some things can bring up your spirits even when you know these new shoes will get to the same place as the old pair.

donutsTo keep their spirits up, Tim and Rebecca have been treating themselves to donuts and talking to many strangers along the way. Everyone is so supportive and the adventure of the walk still draws them forward, even though the rain is keeping them wet.

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3 Responses to It hasn’t been a cake walk

  1. Marty McKnew says:

    You are very brave!


  2. Ken says:

    If not a cakewalk, per your own admissions, sounds more like a DONUT walk! 🙂 You need a sign “WILL WALK FOR DONUTS! or better yet “WE ARE WALKING FOR DONUTS” or my favorite ” WE HAVE WALKED MUCHO MILES AND CONTINUE TO WALK MUCHO MILES FOR DONUTS!” In fact, I would not be surprised if we discovered your trip itinerary was based on the following Google search….”route from West coast to East coast with highest concentration of donut shops…” If donut power is considered a renewable energy source then Good Job you might be on to something! Donut powered baby strollers lead to first donut powered car!! Ken


    • rebeccatim says:

      Ken, I wish that was a thing. Maybe we should email a donut shop so they could sponsor us by giving us free donuts!! Really, after this walk I think I’ll have to give up donuts forever, there must be a lifetime limit on them….I think


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