Pinto Pancake Antelope Robinson


Just out of town, the road started to get steep. After a few twists and turns we realized we were on our first summit (and Tim’s favorite named), Pinto Peak. It wasn’t so bad but we knew we had three more before the next destination.


Trees on trees on trees





On a long straight away, we noticed a curious looking animal just south of th road. We hadn’t seen anything like this before, so Tim quickly snapped a few photographs. We aren’t well versed in the flora and fauna of Nevada (yet), and figured if we posted photos to our blog, some knowledgeable readers would inform us. Take a closer look:


A On closer inspection…


About 15 miles out of town, and just before second lunch, a Eureka County sheriff pulled over and asked if we were alright. We showed him that our strollers contained not human babies, rather water babies, almost as precious to us at the moment. He said he recognized us from “Fight Night” and he was in uniform at the bar two nights before watching the Pacquiano-Mayweather bout (we recognized him too). He wished us good luck on our journey. wpid-dsc01178.jpg



This fence was seriously creepy

After the officer left, it was quite quiet, until…creeeeek…crrr… The sound gave Tim flashbacks to the opening of the 90’s TV show “Are you Afraid of the Dark?” He was waiting for some ghostly laughter of children followed by a clown, a creaking door, and a scream! …It turned out to mostly be this oddly placed fence along the highway in the middle of nowhere.




The second summit, Rebecca’s favorite named, Pancake Pass, was not too steep and not too high (unlike how we like our pancakes!). It was getting late on our first night out of Eureka, and the end of the summit was a long barren basin. It seemed as if there wasn’t a bush or tree for the next six miles or so, and we decided to end an hour or two early to set up camp in some thick trees where we knew we could hide.






Today(s) we walked through:
(No towns)

Rebecca: 60,271 steps and 77,676 steps
Tim: 56,434 steps and 71,724 steps

604 miles finished

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9 Responses to Pinto Pancake Antelope Robinson

  1. Susan says:

    Seriously….you guys are awesome! Hope you are feeling better Rebecca!


  2. Susan says:

    Stay safe- love you!


  3. kenzieone says:

    Oh my god those fences. I HATED those fences. They freaked me out so bad.


  4. nancy135 says:

    Antelope!! And probably a snow fence. Have enjoyed your journey across Nevada – very familiar spots.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Hey guys good job nice photos, NV is so beautiful. I know something good is coming after a week with no post. I wonder if you guys want to outsource your writing. lol. Del


  6. Stacey says:

    Pronghorn Antelope. Fastest land mammal in North America It can run up to 70mph.

    Liked by 1 person

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