Some important lessons learned on the road

The two explorers are discovering some new things. They have learned to appreciate some normal things as well. Cell phone service so they can check in with family, friendly people offering rides, advice, food (fresh oranges even!), laundry, showers, and shelter from the sun and the rain are so important.


The bar, full of boxing enthusiasts, and two crazy out-of-towners walking across the country.

They walk through towns and meet new people. When they stay in a small town for a couple days like they did in Eureka, NV, they meet everyone in the town! Rebecca and Tim stayed in Eureka for a couple days around Rebecca’s birthday, they stayed the night of the 1st and 2nd of May. First they had some ice cream for her birthday and met everyone in town, the hotel staff, the grocery store clerk, the waitress, the breakfast patrons, the history museum curator. Then the next night they went to the bar to watch the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight and saw them all again!


While they stayed in Eureka, they also discovered how much they missed the small joy of doing their laundry, they spent a couple hours in the laundromat dreaming of clean underwear and socks and were happy to smell their clothes afterward.

Shade!They walked on from Eureka and walked through rain and sun beating them down, they discovered the difficulties of walking over cattle guards with strollers (no wonder cows hate those things!) and found solace on the cattle guards that they hated so much, at least they got shade with the covered ones! While camping and while walking, they have come to appreciate shade and cover in all forms. They have hidden under trees, ducked near parked trucks, and surprisingly often, found awnings!


On the walk they have had the opportunity to soak in amazing views, sunsets, sunrises, storm clouds moving in the distance, wide open areas (for those of you who haven’t been to Nevada, you can see for over 15 miles!). The sunsets are the best though, they know they get to stop and sleep soon when they see those.

Rt50PassportNow they have completed one part of their journey, their route 50 passport is full! That means they are moving on to the uncharted territory. Or at least unmarked territory. Tim plans to collect lost license plates along the way, he will probably not want to carry these once they leave the strollers behind, so he will mail them to his family to keep safe for him until he returns. They are getting a few things along this trip, a love of donuts, blistered feet, and a newfound appreciation for protein rich foods (yay tuna and sardines!).

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