And We’re Rolling!

Just so everyone knows, we’re behind with writing the blog, but Rebecca may have a stress fracture starting so she’s taking a couple days to rest her foot to make sure she can finish the whole thing. This is not only good for health reasons, but she can now write a few more blog posts before she rejoins Tim in a few days. There will be a post on this later!
We slept in and took our time packing up (the tent was spread out on the floor to dry and everything was out of our bags). Luckily we don’t have too much stuff or the hotel room wouldn’t be useable with how much of a mess we made! But by 930 we were getting worried that Wal-Mart was going to let us down, as they promised to assemble the strollers first thing in the morning, but we hadn’t gotten a call from them yet and we had at least 25 miles to do! At ten, just when we were getting ready to walk over there and sit in the customer service area until we got them, Rebecca got a call on her phone. Thank you Oscar for putting our strollers together! So we headed over, loaded the strollers with water and some of the items from our bags and started into the desert.


There they are!

Just to be safe, we stopped at the last gas station in town to pump up the tires and double check the carts. The tires were a little low and we didn’t think we could really afford any flats on the way!


Walking into the desert with our "water babies"

Today was the day we’d see the names written with rocks in the sand and experience the intensity of the Nevada sun. Luckily we had some moderate temperatures (this is why we chose to leave in April!) and the shoulder wasn’t too small. We fit with our strollers off to the left of the rumble strip most of the way. But this is the loneliest road in America! So of course we walked side by side for part of it talking as we kept our eyes five miles down the road watching for cars.


Who walks into the desert with strollers!

As the sun started to set and we discussed our (surprisingly only a little slim) opportunities to camp, a truck turned around ahead of us and offered us a ride to the next town. According to the driver “the next town is pretty far down the road”. That’s an understatement. The 111 miles between Fallon and Austin is in fact our longest stretch between for the entire 3,300 mile journey. We were painfully aware of how much we’d committed to as Rebecca started to get tired and we could still see our best option in front of us down the road. The nice thing about being able to see cars so far away is we could time how long it took them to get from where we wanted to camp to us and guess how far away it was (probably still 2+ miles). But we didn’t accept a ride, we bought the strollers for a reason! A few minutes later a small sedan slammed on their breaks and reversed. This car was full of a group of guys who said “oh, we thought you had babies, we just said, did they have babies and we’re just leaving them in the desert!?” Thanks guys, as we’ve said, we’ve only met great people, they’re the only ones who stop. But we made it past the names and designs in the sand to climb over a side road and hide our tent in a bush. We could see when a car passed, but their lights never hit our tent in either direction and we nestled in for the night. The moon was so bright it didn’t matter that the sun was fully down by the time we were arranging our sleeping bags in the tent to crawl in.


We like bikes!

Even with a late start (we didn’t get out of Fallon until almost 1130) we still did almost 25 miles!

Today we walked through:

Rebecca: 58,586 steps
Tim: 54,917 steps

406 miles finished

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5 Responses to And We’re Rolling!

  1. Susan says:

    Nice strollers!! 🙂 Hope you get better soon, Rebecca!!


  2. Kristine Loving says:

    Congrats on how far you’ve made it! I got an umbrella and will mail it. Anything else you’d like sent? Hope Rebecca’s foot is okay. Kris

    Sent from the iPad of Kris



  3. Anonymous says:

    Good luck Rebecca I will say a special prayer for your foot. ( I need to find the patron saint for feet or for walkers…probably st. James ) love your blog tell us more!

    Liked by 1 person

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