We’re Finally Famous

We started our day a little late on the way out of Dayton, but Nathan gave us a ride two miles to highway 50 and we bought him a donut from a place he suggested, but he gave us bananas, so maybe it was an uneven trade. The donuts were amazing. We had a maple bacon one and a Boston Creme one and they were better than maybe any other donut we’ve had (Nathan, you were totally right!) Rebecca knows donuts because at work they had donut day once a week, so she’s tried many! We walked on with a little extra sugar energy aiming for Lahontan State Park where you can legally camp on the beach. It was going to be a longer day than the last two and with only small towns on the way, but we were prepared, and again most of the way there was a dirt road that gave us freedom from worry about cars.


There were some funny roadside things along the way, as is expected from the loneliest road in America. One even looked like an antique shop but had many “no trespassing” signs posted.


The path went from dirt to gravel to pavement often, but there were rarely cars near us. We even joked when a car turned onto the side road to get to a house that they were in our space. But the walk was generally a boring one, just long, straight, flat stretches, exactly what anyone would expect from Nevada. Oh, and there were tumbleweeds!


But we made it all the way to Stagecoach (a census designated area) and Silver Springs on a side road.


Silver Springs was maybe the most disappointing town we’ve ever reached. It was really just a gas station, pizza place, post office and sketchy bars. We bought water because we couldn’t find a place to fill up for free and continued on our last five miles to the lake we planned to camp by. On the way to the lake (we were going to check out the beach to see if we should camp at the first entrance or continue walking to the dam where there was a designated camp site) we met a couple in a red truck and gave them our card. We were told the lake was empty, but it wasn’t quite empty. Luckily, the low lake levels left a nice little nook for us to set up our tent and we decided to call it an early night instead of walking more.


We made the MRE, which was amazing because the wind was picking up and the temperature was dropping fast!


The next morning, we woke up to the sound of rain and packed up inside the tent, luckily the fly kept us dry all night. Neither of us had slept well because people were driving around on the sand from midnight til about 4am and they were loud. It stopped raining in time for us to pack up the tent. We started out with our rain gear on, and stopped at the first real entrance to the lake (with a parking lot and locked bathrooms). While we snacked under the bathroom awning the rain came back. We made it to Fallon without taking a single picture because of the off and on rain, and we stopped at McDonald’s to research hotels before deciding if we’d buy strollers before or after we check in. We settled on Comfort Inn (a little expensive, but with an indoor spa!) While in McDonald’s eating fries, we googled our names to see if we were in the newspaper yet, and we were! So we exitedly ran outside to buy a copy! We got quite a few honks on the road today, maybe the newspaper was why!


We checked into the hotel and headed over to Wal-Mart to buy our strollers, which will carry our water to the end of the desert. They required assembly so we begged the people in the back to get it assembled. The assembler was out for the day, but Kenny (the assistant manager) promised us he’d get them assembled in the morning. So we didn’t buy the water (we’ll save that for tomorrow) and we headed out. Since we knew we’d be sleeping in we stopped at the beverage depot next door and bought a couple local beers to have with our salad dinner. We ate in the room then headed down to sit in the spa for 20 glorious minutes before heading back to our hotel to repack our bags with the (now dry) tent and new food.


Today(s) we walked through:
Silver Springs

Rebecca: 69,049 steps and 61,075 steps
Tim: 65,009 steps and 56,871 steps

381 miles finished

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3 Responses to We’re Finally Famous

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for keeping us posted, I am jealous of your journey. You have met some very nice people.
    keep on walking!!!!


  2. Matt Martin says:

    Go Rebecca and Tim!!! You guys are rock stars! Stay safe and keep taking pictures! Good luck in the desert! You guys rock!


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