It seems like they’ve been walking forever

Well, it’s been one month since the traveling duo started their trip. If you’ve been keeping up with Rebecca and Tim’s other blog with more gory details of their walk across the country (link here), you have seen that they have walked through many things. I’ll summarize.

RebBreakfastThey found the friendliest town in California, according to their calculations. They entered West Point after worrying they had missed it and would have to push hard to the next town 7 miles out before they could get a hot breakfast and more water. They were greeted warmly by Cheryl, who immediately bought them breakfast at the fundraiser for a charity that helps needy children and families. Then Rebecca talked to some children as they were leaving Sunday school, they had so many great questions, and of course some embarrassing ones about where they go to the bathroom, but we all know Rebecca is completely up to talking about that. They then continued into the mountains where they saw the first snow of the trip!

They have crested many mountains in and on their way to Nevada, hiking through avalanche warning zones (where pedestrians are forbidden of course), and learned that sometimes avalanches will stop them from following their planned route when they block the road, they got a ride back to a different road to continue, so they walked a few extra miles, only 16 or so. They also learned that sometimes your dreams consist of cheese and eggs. It’s the big things in life that become important out on the walk. After such big dreams, however, they made it to Woodfords, CA to discover that omelettes were not going to be easy to find. Instead, they found nice people and one of them bought the two tired, dirty travelers sandwiches (with cheese of course!). And, what they have discovered is also very important, this little shop had wifi, so they could tell their moms they were still doing great. Then the push on to Nevada started…around noon, after 2 hours of wifi use…

TimCAJust past the Nevada state line they adopted a herd of cattle, or at least the cows followed them for a half an hour as they walked a mile and a half along their fence. The cows were probably making bets on which one of them would trip first, but luckily neither of the humans did anything dangerous.

Once they arrived in Minden, NV, they realized they were going to need showers and decided to rent a room at the motel. I’m sure the people in town were thankful that they cleaned off the stench. They made it to Carson City, where they got suggestions from locals on the best way across the state, highway 50 of course. They also picked up a loneliest road in America passport to keep track of their route and visit exciting spots along the way, when you’re walking you have time to stop at all of the historical landmarks on the side of the road. They did notice though, that larger cities tend to have more suspicions about them. People thought they were a little crazy, or possibly homeless, when they stopped at the In-N-Out with their packs. And people even had the audacity to give them funny looks while they practiced pushing their packs in strollers in Wal Mart. They stopped for an unconventional tour, at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch. They found it very interesting. Continuing on, they made it to Dayton after a hot first day in the desert, testing out their strollers on the road.

NewspaperTheir next stop was Silver Springs, where you can legally camp on the beach of the lake for free! The lake was almost empty, but that made for more choices of locations for the tent. However, this also made for more space for people to drive on the beach for late night parties and fun. So they didn’t get much sleep that night. But in the morning they discovered their article is officially published! Of course they picked up a copy or two.RebeccaSpa

The next night they went all out in Fallon, NV, where they rented a room in a motel with an indoor spa, got local beer from the bar nearby and relaxed for the evening! Such luxury.

As they make it across Nevada, they have acquired fans and friends, they have met people biking across the country, and others who have hiked long trails all with great stories. The two biking across the country were Michel (who I’ve mentioned before, going from SF to NYC), and Kenzie, who is biking from SF to Boston.


Kenzie, on his way to Boston!


Michel, on the loneliest road in America.

They also have made great friends who want to actively help in the walk. Ken from Carson City even sent them a care package! So many friendly people have made this trip better than they imagined. Presents

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2 Responses to It seems like they’ve been walking forever

  1. Larry says:

    Hey there, good to hear all is well so far. You guys are amazing!


  2. werewalking says:

    Thanks Larry, it has been awesome so far, I hope you had a great Mother’s Day! Kevin said you were all celebrating together. I hope that celebration included some famous Schallert music!


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