Happy Mother’s Day!


It is a great day to recognize Kevin’s mom and his grandmothers. They have stuck with him through it all. During the first few weeks after his accident, they were there, sleeping by his side, bringing him things from home to make him feel comfortable, and praying for him. When he got a little better he was happy to have homemade cookies, and to see them even more, if you can imagine more than 24 hours a day! They encouraged him and loved him for his successes. Grandma Sherry even remodeled her house so he could move in with them! What an awesome family.

And when he was younger, when he had crazy haircuts or decided to take trips to far away countries, when he wanted sailing lessons and weird Halloween costumes (this madness hasn’t changed!), these three were always there for him, supporting him even if they didn’t fully agree with his decisions; some of those costumes were pretty questionable. Happy Mother’s Day to these amazing women! KEvinGrandmas


Rebecca and Tim had cell service today so they could call their moms! They got lucky that they weren’t in the middle of a cell phone free desert! Their moms have had to put up with their crazy plans, worry about everything that might happen to them on the way, but of course are very proud of them. So these two want to thank their moms for everything they have done to put them where they are today, because even though Rebecca and Tim have taken over 1,000,000 steps to walk themselves across California and Nevada, their moms have done way more work to mold them into weirdos who would want to do that.

So, happy Mother’s Day to the grandmas and moms of the two walkers also!

Harley 1 before 017 Reb_gmama Reb_mom

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