Beyond Mountains there are Mountains

We packed up, dropped our bear bag and started on the road just as someone arrived at the construction site close to our stealth camp, good timing! Today would hopefully be a great day, the mornings always feel optimistic, and we started early. We knew we’d need to fill up on water wherever we could as we had up the hill because there weren’t any towns on the way. Silver Lake was our goal, and we were going to make it! We stopped at Cook’s Station where Rebecca refilled our water bottles behind the bar and joked with the regulars about killer squirrels (they were joking, but there is a plague warning!) We only had a couple of water bottles to fill because we’d stopped behind a closed restaurant yesterday to refill at an outdoor spigot. But the orange juice we bought was great, and the smell of hot breakfast was enticing, but not enough to keep us there. We had 8000ft to reach today, and we were going to make it!


I guess kilometers are different in Nevada...

We have started taking multiple “lunch” breaks, we call them first and second lunch, and midday snack. So we stopped for lunch then stopped again to put sunscreen on at an overlook over a reservoir.


The lake was way too far away to camp at!

Today was full of amazing views:

We saw our first snow of the trip,


Snow on the side of the road!

We walked by some cool rocks,


Rock cliffs


Trees growing in rocks

Saw really big pinecones (Tim liked them a lot),


Pinecones the size of your head!

Lots of hay trucks passed us (we quickly learned to close our mouths when they passed….hay in our mouths!),


So many hay trucks, but semis are usually really nice

And saw lots of amazing overlooks.


Almost as nice as our second lunch spot


Snow capped mountains

It rained and hailed on us as we discussed stopping for second lunch, but we had to push on because the weather was getting bad. Many people honked in support of our crazy (that’s what we’re interpreting it as anyway) as the soft hail bounced off of our rain gear. But it stopped by the time we peaked at 8000 feet in elevation (and cheered in celebration), only to drop down quickly to where we stayed that night, Silver Lake.


Silver Lake!

The views were great but we knew every foot down we’d have to climb again the next day. The lake was at 7300 feet, but we’d done 3000 feet in elevation easily that day so we were feeling excited as we arrived early to camp in a (closed) campground and imagined all the blogging we’d have time to do (ha….ha…). We stopped for dinner at a day use area, and tried to pump water but failed (the pump Rebecca had is apparently confusing). We knew we’d have water to make it to Kirkwood (a ski resort five miles down the road) so we set up camp and journalled. (Rebecca used the trowel for the first night tonight, I’m not explaining that further)
We mentally prepared ourselves for a day from Silver Lake to Woodfords with a midday stop for water at Kirkwood the next day, and set our alarms for 5am. We decided not to use the fly but it was freezing that night, so we probably should have!

Today we walked through:
No towns

Rebecca: 69,559 steps
Tim: 64,170 steps

272 miles finished

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2 Responses to Beyond Mountains there are Mountains

  1. Glenda logan says:

    I’m enjoying reading your blog. You are heading into a no pedestrian Avalanche area very soon on hwy 88. It is about only about 1 mile long so hurry through it, I don’t think there is any alternate route. Our town is along your way on hwy 50, Virginia City, Nv, elevation 6200 ft, the largest historical district in the U.S., it was an old mining town but now it is a tourist destination. As you leave Carson City, elev 4200 ft, past the Bunny Ranch & madam Suzette’s, etc watch for the Virginia City billboard, it is actually 9 miles north but you don’t have to back track, you can catch 6 Mile Canyon Rd east back down to hwy 50. The road is closed to cars for construction at the truck route so it would be a nice quiet walk for you. Good news about nevada, most of it is BLM land so you can camp legally. Don’t try & pet the wild horses, they’re not tame, they bite & stomp. Happy travels.


  2. Kristine Loving says:

    Happy to see you wearing a bright yellow jacket!


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