Someone had a birthday.

imageThe traditional birthday celebration in Rebecca’s family begins with a breakfast with the same number of pancakes as the age you are turning. This year, she had to forgoe her 28 pancakes for some peanut butter and tortillas. No candles, those are too heavy. Tim still sang, just for the celebration. This is a birthday to remember!

In the middle of Navada somewhere, the two travelers hike alimageong the highways and stealth camp away from the road, hoping no rattle snakes are smart enough to figure out the zippers on their tent. It was windy when they crossed the state line, but that didn’t scare them!

To begin the Nevada journey, they stopped in Carson city to buy a few gallon water bottles (5 each!) and strollers with the expectation that there will be a few days without water sources along this stretch.


Also very excitingly, they are receiving more press for their journey and they were featured in the Nevada Apeal! To read the article visit this link Nevada Appeal. It is very encouraging to meet people along the way who are so supportive!
In Middlegate, Nevada, a community (not big enough to be a town) between Fallon and Austin Nevada, they stopped for a burger. The place was very interesting, people stapled dollar bills to the ceiling to commemorate their visit, and it was an old Pony Express station! It is now the gas station/restaurant/convenience store/post office (appropriately) in the area. They stayed there for a night in the camp ground. When they were walking by the naval bombing practice ground (bombs are loud!), they met a British woman who is cycling across the country. They told her about the free campground ahead 15 miles and then met her there. She chose to stay in the hotel nearby and let them use her shower. These two are definitely learning the importance of a shower and so appreciate everyone who offers to let them use their hot water.


She was so nice and it was great to compare stories so far and to know that this goal is shared to some degree. She has a website too, so if you want to follow her journey along the loneliest road in the country, check it out…

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