Welcome home!

DumbartonRebecca and Tim are making progress across California. They started walking east on their third day of the trip. The Dumbarton bridge (see the picture to the left) proved to be a challenge with over 5 miles with no exits. The wind and the cars driving by started to get to them on that hour and a half walk. Luckily they were able to find a quiet strip just after the bridge to calm down and re-establish their cool. They didn’t have much time to waste though, they had to make it to Livermore. They tramped along, carrying their packs for the first time on the trip and realized they were going to be getting a lot stronger on this walk. Their previous days had been easier with very little weight.  As they walked along highway 84 they realized there were going to be some spots along their journey where walking on the shoulder was not possible, they had to walk in a dry river bed. They were joined by Tim’s friend, Drew, for the journey through Newark. By they time they made it to Sunol they were beat, they wanted to take a nap with the mayor dog Bosco (he actually was the mayor for a few years), but they only had about 12 more miles to go. When they made it to Livermore that evening they were overjoyed, and were staying in the house that is closest to their route of all of their planned stops (Thanks April, Sonny, and Kaile, and obviously Sonny’s parents!). They passed out that night and then headed out the next morning at 6:30 for Tracy. Jamestown

From Livermore to Tracy there are some amazing views, the windmills over the Altamont pass provided some fun entertainment for roadtrips in Rebecca’s childhood and she recounted to Tim the stories of the prisoner windmills (the ones with black and white stripes) and how they used to try to imagine how big the windmills were based on how small the cows looked next to them. And of course the discussion of Don Quixote came up. How grand it would be to be a knight fighting dragons, the real question would be which one of them is Sancho?.

The quiet along the road was very welcome compared to the noisy streets of the day before and they loved the company they found along the way. Many cyclists and a few motorists went by, and one group even stopped to chat. One thing everyone knew was going to happen on the road was the meeting of strangers. This particular group was fun and enthusiastic to hear of their trek. They also had a lucky break because April agreed to pick them up in Tracy and bring them home again, so they didn’t have to bring their packs for the day! They get to slowly work into the heavy pack days. When April picked them up to drive them back along their route they realized how slow walking is. They had been walking for nearly 10 hours, and in April’s cool car it took about 30 minutes to return to a nice shower and comfortable bed.

Next was the trip from Tracy to Knights Ferry. This one was a longer trip than the previous days (over 40 miles!), and they were exhausted by the end. They did get to see some amazing wildlife though, and had lunch with flowers after finding some fake flowers on the side of the road. Rebecca’s mom picked them up and they spent the night at her place. Then the next morning the finished the commute from Knights Ferry to Sonora, and on to Twain Harte. This was an amazing walk. They started getting more into mountains and there were more trees so they could relax away from the sun when they got too hot. These two are definitely learning the importance of sunscreen. Who would have thought how hot it is to walk on asphalt for 10 hours a day?!

But, being home is such a nice feeling. Tim will get to see his family later in the trip (in a few months). They spent the rest of the day relaxing with Rebecca’s mom and grandmama (see picture above). And as is the story every day of the trip, they headed off again.

Off they go from Sonora


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