Into the Mist

Our trip from Livermore to Tracy (still California) started at about 630am and there was a thick fog all around us. We made our way to a grocery store for some bananas and bread (the bread tasted so good after a hard day yesterday, and it was still warm!)


Rebecca walking into the fog

We walked along paths by vineyards and saw a race in one of them, but we couldn’t join because we had a place to be!


The fog in the vineyards

Remembering yesterday we wanted to make good time so we could get to bed early and get a good night’s sleep. Luckily the fog kept us cool until about 10 am when the sun finally burned it off.


Tim once the sun came out!

We walked past Livermore Labs (they have the largest laser in the world!) and headed toward Patterson Pass, where we’d walk most of the rest of the day. Rebecca remembered growing up and driving past all of the windmills on the way to the Bay Area, so it was going to be a fun and memorable day. We didn’t know quite what we had in store yet though!


Waking so close to the windmills!

Patterson Pass was gorgeous even before the windmills, though the hills up were steep, and there was a lot of sun. The sun didn’t stop us from enjoying the few cars on the road and the many cyclists. Just before we stopped for lunch a group of cyclists stopped to chat and we made our first random friends on the trip! We were impressed with their dedication to biking those hills and they were excited about our journey! (They got a picture with us, but we forgot to ask them to send it to us!)


This is how gorgeous our whole day was

We found the only shady spot outside of a fence to eat lunch, which meant we climbed up under a railroad overpass and prepared our peanut butter and honey on flour tortilla tacos! (Way tastier than it sounds)


Our lunch spot.

Getting off the pass was pretty sad as we suddenly had to deal with cars for the first time in the day and it was getting hot. Luckily, April, Sonny, and Kaile were picking us up for dinner so we pushed on to the end of town. They even promised they’d drive us back out to Tracy (from Livermore) the next day. The drive was a nice, relaxing one, but it’s always a little weird to see how easily you can get somewhere in a car compared to walking. Almost 10 hours of walking comes down to about 30 minutes of driving. But their home was such an inviting one on the trip that we couldn’t turn them down for another night.
We discovered that Patterson Pass is really only that empty on weekends, because commuters use it to avoid traffic on the interstate, so luckily it was a Sunday and we avoided that! A nice open road with few cars is a blessing compared to the earlier days!

Today we walked through:

Rebecca: 62,646 steps
Tim: 58,229 steps

111 miles finished

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