Aaaand, they’re off!


The north side of the Golden Gate Bridge! Time to begin.

Rebecca and Tim put off their walk by one day to start on the same day as San Francisco’s Walk to Work Day! They attended a press conference and walked with the mayor to start the rally. This is a great cause to support.

Tim said goodbye to his facebook page (for the day) with a quick, “Walking across the country, brb”, and they were ready. At 6:30am, they jumped in a Lyft and started their journey across the Golden Gate Bridge (northbound). Then they walked across the Golden Gate Bridge, in the southbound direction this time, with a dedicated friend, Chris. To begin the journey, they touched the water in the Pacific Ocean, then strode across the bridge as the sun rose. There are some amazing views off of the bridge, this was a great way to start the trip! One thing you may not think about before starting the trek across the 1.5 mile bridge though, is how loud it will be. With the wind blowing in your ears and the cars zooming past, they could barely talk to each other along the way.


At the press conference, you can see Rebecca and Tim off to the right side under the blue arrows!

Next stop was city hall, where they were on stage during the press conference. They promoted this website (yay!) so we will have some new followers coming up.

Another friend, Brian, joined the walk through the mission district and they continued south for a total of 26 miles. Rebecca has a tendency to beat Tim in step counts, and she did not fail to do that this time. She must take small steps!

They ended their trek at In-N-Out, very appropriate for California, and just in time for dinner! Tomorrow they continue their walk south toward the Dumbarton bridge (the only other one in the bay area with pedestrian access all the way across), that’s another 20 miles away! Chris will probably not be joining them,¬†blisters and sore legs are something to be reckoned with.

One day down, one hundred and something to go!InNOut

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