Kevin is beating records!

Kevin is doing great! He just beat his record and has been able to walk 360 feet without stopping! 11045370_10153841343453849_4128570354017665363_n

In terms of his weekly therapy sessions, Kevin is in better shape than most people I know. He has 13 hours per week of therapy and goes to the gym for 4-5 hours beyond that. He is also excited to start another 4 hour/week session to keep improving. His therapy is pretty intense, working mainly on stretching, examining his range of motion and keeping his muscles healthy. He does distance and strength training to increase his ability to live independently, and works on muscle activation and stamina during grueling exercise. He also, of course works on improving his walking skills! Phew, I think I need to get to the gym. I’ve included a picture of Kevin in St. Patrick’s day garb with his family so you can see he is doing amazingly well (taken from Janae’s Instagram).

As for Tim and Rebecca, they have moved out of their apartment in Chicago and are staying with friends and family from now until April 8, the start of the walk. There are a few things that are hard to imagine doing in this part of the transition, quitting your job, moving out of your house, and becoming homeless.

1497830_10153162545101411_1066948466682216679_oThese two have quit their jobs, each getting a warm goodbye from their coworkers, Tim’s friends at work threw him a going away pizza party (I mean, they are in Chicago, you have to eat pizza!) and Rebecca’s coworkers Jason and Michelle had a surprise waiting for her when she arrived in the morning (look behind them at her cubicle, many “BYE” signs).


The second thing that is hard to imagine is moving out…permanently. These two have a few things that they had to get rid of, so they threw themselves a going away party and suggested to attendees that they had to take one item from the house with them when they left. They still had a few items left, so they stored the larger pile of items at Tim’s parents’ house (in a suburb of Chicago), and gave the rest to friends or donated to thrift stores. They even have a generous friend watching Charlie (the cat) for the 4-5 months while they are gone. Now their place is completely empty! Can you imagine moving everything out of your place and having no where to go? Luckily, they have some good friends in Chicago. Now they are on to the third uncomfortable to think about item…being homeless, on purpose.

IMAG4508In terms of supplies, they are all prepared with tents,IMAG4498 backpacks, some food items, socks, and they just bought their first pair of shoes for the walk (see picture to the left). They are so clean! The shoes to the right are the shoes Tim used during one of their training walks to Indiana, a 40 mile walk to go to his grandma’s birthday party. This was also Tim’s first pair of walking shoes, ever! The damage to these shoes didn’t occur only on that walk, but you can see that the shoes will definitely be getting dirtier, and quickly.

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