One day we walked to Skokie in the snow!

Almost a year ago now, on January 25, 2014, we walked to Skokie.

Tim’s mom got a gift certificate to Oberweis Ice Cream, so we looked up locations and saw there was one in Lakeview (about 4 miles from us) and one in Skokie (about 11 miles from us) so, of course we went with the logical choice and decided to head out in the dead of winter for an 11 mile walk.

We did our (now traditional) pictures as we entered new municipalities, starting with Lincolnwood:


And trekked over snow banks from plowing and through knee deep snow from the whole season to make it to Skokie.


And even though it was only a high of about 28 degrees that day, we got our well-deserved ice cream with a gift certificate that was going to expire the next day.

Ice Cream

It almost looked like summer!

The biggest lesson of the day is that people outside of Chicago are WAY worse at shoveling sidewalks than people in Chicago, and that we really could have shared a milkshake, one each was a little too much ice cream.

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