The Beginning

It started differently for both of us, but somewhere along the way we both settled onto the same path.

For Rebecca it was 2009 when her employer gave everyone a pedometer and she realized the joy of steps. Slowly she increased her daily step count and now averages about 20,000 steps per day.

For Tim, his pedometer came in September 2012. Walking verged on an obsession as he spent many winter evenings pacing in the basement to reach his goal. In 2014 he is on track to average 15,000 steps per day.

But in January 2014 Tim posted an idea on Facebook and that idea grew into a plan!


The route has (generally) been planned and the dreams have started sprouting. Soon the plane tickets will be purchased and in April 2015 we will begin the first steps southbound across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, accepting no rides that will cover our planned distance to end at the Atlantic Ocean in Brooklyn, NY.

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